Automotive Plastic Components

We are experts in manufacturing large, complex plastic components through injection molding technology

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    Applied car models: IONIQ5, Palisade, Tucson, Kona, Avante & etc.
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    Instrument Panel (Crash Pad)

    Applied car models: Porter, Palisade, Avante & etc.
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    Side Sill Molding

    Applied car models: Genesis, Kona, IONIQ5, Venue & etc.
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    Applied car models: Palisade, IONIQ5 & etc.
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    Radiator Grille

    Applied car models: Tucson, Nexo & etc.
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    Back Panel

    Applied car models: Genesis G80, G90 & etc.

Powder - Cryogenic Grinding

Technique used for materials (e.g. thermoplastic, rubber tire) that cannot be ground at ambient temperature due to material properties. A material is cooled by liquid nitrogen during the grinding process.

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TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) powder after cryogenic grinding and post-treatment (i.e. drying, cooling, silica mixing)